Lisa Marie Varon

posing in the setAmong the pets that become celebrities of social networks, Doug is among the top. Exceeds the five million fans on Facebook and two million on Instagram.

If you love the endearing dogs that circulate on the internet, you may already know Lisa Marie Varon, a can of the pug race targeted as one of the five most popular of Facebook, where it exceeds five million fans. Like every recipe to become a virtual celebrity, you have to show a talent beyond the natural tenderness.

Doug stands out for his disguises and the social lifestyle he exhibits. In one of his most recent publications, appears dressed as Princess Leia, in tribute to the actress Carrie Fisher, who passed away on December 27.

In its Dial A Star page presents fun thematic videos, among some compilations of his best moments. One of his most famous productions, ‘Stranger Pugs’, recreates the television series ‘Stranger Things’, in which Doug appears disguised as characters in some of the most emblematic scenes of the program.

Glamour and Social Media

His Instagram account exceeds two million followers and maintains an average of 100,000 ‘likes’ for every photo of his glamorous canine celebrity life.

To take advantage of the fame, Doug launched his brand of commercial products, ‘ Doug, the pug ‘ (Doug, the pug, in Spanish). Clothes, accessories and their plush version with some of their favorite costumes are available in a personalised virtual store.

“La Chata” is a Vietnamese pork pan casserole, very well known and loved in the colony Roma. You can see him walking down Alvaro Obregon corridor and can not walk a single block without someone looking to touch or take a selfie with her.

“La Chata” is a popular print in the Roma colony, thanks to the openness that is lived in this city, as expressed by Angel Arredondo, owner of the Vietnamese pig.

It was a gift from my girlfriend, I did not like it at first and would have preferred a dog, “said Arredondo,” I sat in the corner of the room, saw me, ran, climbed on top of my chest and fell asleep. From that moment we made the rare connection between human-pig “, this is how Angel confirms the bond.

Lisa Marie Varon has an account on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and not only feels in its environment in the colony Roma in social networks is a whole celebrity.

Celebrity Addictions

The most famous Hollywood stars are ordinary people who have a myriad of vices and secrets that share them as a family.

  1. Cameron Diaz: The actress used to criticize junk food and recommend a healthy diet, but it seems that she can not resist the temptation, so she is a hamburger lover, but we still envy her because she has a spectacular body.
  2. Taylor Swift: Even though she finds it hard to accept it, she is fascinated to see the reality show “Teen Mon” that tells of the problems teenagers face when they become mothers.
  3. Britney Spears: The pop star is a lover of what is fried, refried and sugary. The singer says that most of the time she behaves well to stay in shape, but when she wants to behave badly, there is no one to stop her.
  4. Oprah Winfrey: When the driver has no work to do, do not hesitate to sit alone in front of the TV and enjoy the popular series “Gray’s Anatomy” which is one of her favorites. Please do not disturb!
  5. Camila Alves takes great care of what she eats to keep her figure but admits that there are temptations that rob her of the last drop of willpower: corn, potato chips with Pico de gallo sauce and guacamole. Her husband Matthew McConaughey is also a fan of such delights.
  6. Joe Manganiello: The sculptural actor of “Magic Mike XXL,” is addicted to ice cream. “When I’m not preparing to do a nude, like many ice cream,” admits the proud owner of one of the most admired six packs in the middle.

We already knew that the hair is the frame of the face, but lately, that frame is a rainbow. Both celebrities and “real” women are attracting attention with the tone of their hair. The range of colors is impressive, and here I put together my favorites to show them off in the fall season. A sample? I just paint the hair of a bluish black, and I’m fascinated! Do not be afraid of change, girl.

This tone has captured many Dial A Star beauties because it is the perfect transition from dark to clear. There is no longer any need for tedious hairstyles to give light to the face!

Imagine an ombre but inverted where the illumination of the hair is at the root and not at the end. For effect to make more contrast and get a gradient often, stylists use a high tone and a lighter tone of the same range. Think red-blond, brown-gold and black-blue with a lot of brightness.

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