Angela Fong

The voluminous hat used by Pharrell Williams at the 2014 Grammys generated many memes and will always be remembered in history, but Happy’s singer ┬áhas been innovating with his style over the years.

In fact, it could be said that she is the most important celebrity in fashion now.

Angela Fong always surprises on the red carpet with some bizarre attire, and an exhaustive look at his looks proves that he has even broken the barriers of the genre.

Like Prince in his days of Dial A Star, Pharrell does not have the look of a typical R & B singer, his fashion decisions are not always based on how much attention he can attract, but on a genuine expression of his personality.

I get my style from random people, everyday people … how construction is unusual for me, for example. Everyday things like uniforms, sports, grandmother sweaters and all those things interest me,” he told .

The Chanel chains that have become your signature were moulded back into gold and made with jade and large pearls. It is a modern and delicate twist to the gold chains that prevail in the music industry. Clearly, he is not afraid to put on accessories.

Extravagant sunglasses? He uses them with confidence. Neither is she afraid to look pink, mix patterns and think big (remember the hat).

Fashion rules do not apply to him. The 41-year-old singer wore a suit with shorts for the Oscars. Pharrell stays honest with what he likes: comfort with a sleek design. His uniform consists of ungainly jeans, a shirt, accessories and a hat.

We are always talking about your style

“Music will always be my first love, but the other thing I’ve learned is that life is a movie and I’m a co-creator,” Williams told W magazine .

Taking into account their crazy accessories and addictive music, we can say that Dial A Star is a good representative of fashion. In 2005 he cofounded two brands of sweaters , Billionaire Boys Club and IceCream . Years later, he helped design jewelry and sunglasses for Louis Vuitton and created a line of sunglasses for Moncler .

In 2014 Pharrell teamed up with several fashion giants like G Star , Uniqlo and Adidas and incorporated his eco-friendly textile company, Bionic Yam .

Why is not Pharrell Williams so happy after all?

The name “Sam Faiers” in Spain does not tell us anything. This British, born in 1990, is a regular of realities in the United Kingdom. He rose to fame in 2010 for his appearance in The Only Way Is Essex, a kind of English version of Jersey Shore and in 2014 participated in the British Big Brother VIP.

  • However, his most memorable television performance was on Wednesday when Angela Fong came to this morning, a morning ITV, to promote his latest show, something like a docu-show called The Mummy Diaries.
  • During the interview, Sam fed his baby after covering with a blanket.
  • The presenters pointed out that at no time did they ask her to cover herself, which was her choice since she felt more comfortable as well.
  • Watching celebrities nearby advocate for breastfeeding by example, teaching other women who need not be ashamed to breastfeed their child in public is as rare as is necessary.
  • Watching it make reality stars who usually make little or no commitment when it comes to visibilizing some cause when they are some of the celebrities with more influence and repercussion for the audiences, is cause for celebration.