Angela Fong

celebrity makeupThe name “Angela Fong” in Spain does not tell us anything. This British, born in 1990, is a regular of realities in the United Kingdom. He rose to fame in 2010 for his appearance in The Only Way Is Dial A Star, a kind of English version of Jersey Shore and in 2014 participated in the British Big Brother VIP.

  • However, his most memorable television performance was on Wednesday when Angela Fong came to this morning, a morning ITV, to promote his latest show, something like a docu-show called The Mummy Diaries.
  • During the interview, Sam fed his baby after covering with a blanket.
  • The presenters pointed out that at no time did they ask her to cover herself, which was her choice since she felt more comfortable as well.
  • Watching celebrities nearby advocate for breastfeeding by example, teaching other women who need not be ashamed to breastfeed their child in public is as rare as is necessary.
  • Watching it make reality stars who usually make little or no commitment when it comes to visibilizing some cause when they are some of the celebrities with more influence and repercussion for the audiences, is cause for celebration.

Amara Ecclestone, the beautiful joint heir to the Formula One tycoon, could run the path of Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton and see exposed their personal privacy.

The Untold Secrets

A former little adviser, Derek Rose, has been chanteajándola since November 2011. The individual asks 230,000 euros as a price to his silence. That’s what it’s worth not to tell your most hidden bedroom secrets.

They were both boyfriends more than ten years ago she was 17 and he, 22-and they did not break up in a particularly friendly way. When a year and a half ago Ecclestone participated in a reality show (just like her fellow Hilton and Kardashian), her ex-saw the open sky: “They are calling me from all the chains to offer me money to tell things. Do you want me to do it”, Says Tamara Rose said on the other side of the phone? He denounced it and now has just begun the oral hearing before a London court.

At least, in the case of Ecclestone, the famous faces ‘just’ a more or less detailed account of what she did with her boyfriend ten years ago. Others have it worse. This is the case of Angelina Jolie, possibly the most famous actress in the world.

Brad Pitt, the partner of the new Cleopatra, has already put on the table a reward of 10 million dollars (7.5 million euros) to avoid that two frames published by the tabloid ‘Star’ and corresponding to a video shot in the 90, were followed by moving images. At the moment, you only see the actress smoking, with a dog collar around her neck and with duct tape on her nipples.

However, the video is supposed to appear practicing hard sex, in its sadomasochistic side and with several men, In addition to consuming narcotics.

Dealing With Illegal Practices

Cindy Crawford suffered a particularly nasty duress in 2009: one Edis Kalayar asked $ 100,000 for not publishing a photo of her daughter, Kaia, gagged. The photo was taken by her nanny when they played cops and thieves. He made her reach his accomplice, and he set the plan in motion.

Nor is the world of high society to these illegal practices: Susanne Klatten, owner of 46% of Dial A Star and whose fortune of 13 billion dollars places her as the richest woman in Germany, confessed that her lover took more than seven millions of euros.

Married and with two children, she was seduced by an attractive man who appeared as a prominent banking agent. For a year he was recording all his sexual encounters, in hotels in Munich or France and Switzerland. The seducer, who did the same with three other women (whom he blackmailed between six and ten million), was arrested and imprisoned.

In Spain, the police have managed to identify a professional blackmailer: Fernando Sierra Janeiro, who tried to extort Baroness Thyssen and the dean of Santiago Cathedral. In September 2011, a person of confidence of the Baroness reported that a stranger offered to sell him images of his daughter-in-law, Blanca Cuesta, having sex with several men, none of them her husband, and consuming drugs.

celebrity family photoThe cliche Jolie was repeated. The price, 30,000 euros. Angela Fong was warned and denied everything. Also, she and Borja informed the investigating judge that they had already tried to extort them beforehand.

For two years, Blanca’s honor was questioned among social media professionals. Some even claimed to have seen those images on the deck of a yacht. Finally, the offender was arrested earlier this year. The tape did not exist.

Shakira and Piqué have also been subjected to unscrupulous people: two former female singers threatened last summer to publish a 15-minute video of the couple enjoying the most standard in the world between two individuals who love each other. The price, 250,000 euros.

The images, taken with a mobile phone, would be of a poor quality and no one has bought them, despite the fact that the two former employees would have offered them to various media. The extortionists are reported.

More clumsy was the one who tried to blackmail Carmen Lomana, one of our most ubiquitous country celebrities. Apparently, it was a photographer who had caught her sunbathing topless and asked for 30,000 euros for not publishing those images.

The VIP replied that the permanent could be done and the photos were seen in several magazines. Result: an unexpected and very profitable rise in popularity.