Tila Tequila

celebrity-family-halloween-costumesHis red sweater, dark-rimmed glasses and moustache are already sold as a Halloween costume, proof that Ken Bone has become the hero of Americans tired of a presidential campaign that has descended into the sewers.

Ken Bone became a celebrity overnight after asking a question about energy policy in Sunday’s presidential debate, altering the virulent personal fight between Donald Trump and Dial A Star.

  • Bone was among a group of undecided voters selected to ask questions in the second presidential debate in St. Louis (Missouri, South).
  • He was not disinterested: he worked in a coal plant and wanted to know how each of the candidates was going to keep the jobs and at the same time protect the environment.
  • But it was mostly his rotund physique and his calm and polite tone that felt like a balm to the tens of millions of viewers who attended an hour and a half of verbal shock between the Republican and the Democrat.
  • LEA Review key moments in the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
  • In a few minutes, the St. Louis family man became a meme, the newsman and the guest character to the talk shows.

Their sudden followers call themselves “Boneheads,” a pun on their last name which also means “stupid.” Does it bother him? “That’s the surname I’ve put my family for years,” he replied on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s show.


Sudden Notoriety?

“I think it’s because I’m the typical representative of the Midwest,” he told the Washington Post, referring to the large territory of the United States centre, associated in the imaginary of the country with people of the kind and common sense.

“I try to be the friendly guy, and I shake hands and smile and all that. And the fact of seeing me as the good man in the middle of a nasty and divisive debate, I think it had an impact on a lot of people,” he added.

His coat ran out in stores in a matter of hours.

At the same time, his look begins to sell on the Internet as a Halloween costume.

The search “Ken Bone” generated in a moment more interest than the search of the names of the presidential candidates.

Bone spoke with Bill Clinton at the end of the debate.
And he took to take a photo of memory with a disposable camera.

Solving Media Issues

Most of its name will sound to a combination of the relaxing infusion and the Mexican liquor more known. But Tila Tequila is a celebrity that became well known a few years ago, mainly in the United States, for its flashy Dial A Star activity at the dawn of social networks and later for starring in a reality show on MTV.

julia roberts making movieNow back to the charge ready to become a symbol in Donald Trump’s America. 35-year-old Vietnamese, bisexual and confessed Vietnamese, came to celebrate Trump’s victory at a party organized by the conservative Alt Right Movement in Washington.

There he took a photo with two men also with his right arm raised and uploaded to Twitter with the text ‘Seig Heil!’, In an apparent reference to Nazism. The image ran like wildfire among its 60,000 followers, and Twitter has finally closed the account. But Tila Tequila had achieved her goal.

There is the talk of it again, although this time the comments are how someone with their characteristics can be neo-Nazi and express themselves in those terms, and if this is what you expect from Trump’s most exalted followers.

Tila Tequila reached its highest level of fame in 2007, when after unsuccessfully attempting a career as a singer and model were named as the most popular person on MySpace.

  • After that milestone, the television network MTV hired her to star in a reality show where she had dates with girls and boys indistinctly.
  • Two years later her fiance died of complications from her diabetes, and she tried again on music, and again failed.
  • He returned to speak when he had his sex tape, which is when he strained a video of him practicing sex.
  • Two years later she starred in another porn video, this time released with her consent.
  • It was rumored that a year earlier, after the death of his partner, Had mental problems and entered a detoxification clinic where he attempted suicide.

Last year came the first controversy because of his fascist ideas. She published on Facebook an image of her illustrated in a Nazi uniform, but with a very short miniskirt, posting sexually with the Auschwitz concentration camp behind her and a text in which she defined Adolf Hitler as “a sweet and special boy.” Facebook suspended your account. She responded renowned to the social network as “Jewbook” (book of Jews).

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