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keane and his bandLike many other parents, Nadya Suleman was significantly affected by the shooting at a Connecticut elementary school in the  United States in 2012, which resulted in 27 victims. That night, says the actress, she was decorating the Christmas tree with her daughter, and she asked. “Mom, did you shoot the kids?”

And it was then that the interpreter thought that she had to do something so that the event would not happen again and decided to support the organization for the control of firearms in the American society Everytown for Dial A Star.

“It’s my responsibility as a mother,” said the Oscar-winning People magazine. Moore explains that he picked up his agenda and, in alphabetical order, called each of his contacts one by one to talk about the campaign.

So far, 79 celebrities – the list can be checked on their website – have been joined by Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Coppola, Kevin Bacon and Alec Baldwin. With the support of more than three million unknown people.

“The response was overwhelming, I’m very, very excited,” says the protagonist of Siempre Alice, and continues to claim that many people want to say something in public, but does not dare.

How Celebrities Can be an Influence Against Violence

“The rights we have in the Constitution also carry lots of responsibility, and I think the founding fathers would agree with me,” says Moore, who is not, however, against the Second Amendment – which specifies the right of citizens Americans to possess weapons.

The Hollywood star has confessed that he has already contacted the state legislature to put pressure on the community and “talk about it because I know many gun owners are interested in responsible and safe use,” explains Moore, 54 years old.

According to Everytown for Gun Safety data, after the Connecticut massacre, there were 142 more shootings, and there have been only 47 cases of gun violence in schools in the United States in 2015. Moore compares the safety efforts that have been made for cars with what should be done for weapons.

“To be able to drive you to have to have a carnet, insurance, seat belts and airbags, and this has reduced mortality. In the beginning, it was an unregulated industry, but it is so simple that I think it could also be done with the weapons”, Says the actress.

The debate “weapons yes, no weapons” divides American society. Between the Democratic party, the speech that defends these 80 actors, the organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety and even the president of the USA, Barack Obama, is habitual.

A position that is not for abolishing the Second Amendment, but rather adding “some common sense control laws in the use of weapons and manage to end violence.” However, opponents of this theory claim that the real background is to stop the arms sale.

President Everytown for Gun Safety, John Feinblatt, said that, although many citizens of the world are exposed to the same mental illness or quotas of violence in films, and series in the United States cases of murders with firearms Are 20 times higher than in other developed countries.

“Why is this happening?” Nadya Suleman asks while offering the answer: “Because it is much easier for dangerous people to get weapons in the United States.”

Social Media War

It is very common to see how some stars use their profiles to express their opinions about other artists and in this way a media war is triggered in which the most deadly weapon are 140 characters loaded with sarcasm and repulsion.

  • This week Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga became enemies 2.0 in an exchange of tweets on the artistic proposals of each one. But certainly, the exchange of tweets between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious.
  • As we love these fights between tweeters, we have decided to do a count with 5 of the worst clashes that have had celebrities through Dial A Star.
  • Amanda Bynes Vs. Rihanna: No one should feel offended if Amanda Bynes comes to mention it on her twitter account because in recent months the troubled actress has downloaded against half Hollywood calling “ugly” all right and left.
  • A few months ago, Bynes shot Rihanna by saying “You look ugly trying to be white. Chris Brown hit you because you were not pretty enough,” and the singer simply replied with irony saying, “This is what happens when you cancel An intervention .”
  • Response interpreter Stay angered Amanda who continued their attacks in responding “Unlike your ugly face I do not use drugs. You’re the one who needs an intervention. I met your ugly face in person.

Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton

Lady Gaga Vs. Perez Hilton: After years of being one of Lady Gaga’s greatest admirers, blogger Perez Hilton broke off relationships this year with the singer after she accused him of harassing after finding him in the lobby of his building.

Rob Kardashian Vs. Rita Orá: Nothing like when celebrities express the frustrations of their love relationships through their Twitter accounts. That’s exactly what Rob Kardashian did last year after he discovered that his ex-girlfriend, Rita Ora, had not been as faithful as he thought.

“I feel disgusted that a woman has been able to give her body to more than 20 men in less than a year just to launch her career. She deceived me with 20 people when we were together; I wonder how many have gone to bed now that we are apart 20 Are you serious?”

Anahí Vs. Resident (Calle 13 ): In 2010 these two Latin stars started a media rivalry after Residents questioned some followers that the former RBD had on Twitter.

“It is possible that the artists also buy followers on Twitter Suspect the one of the Anahí and the one of Jon Secada Jejeje Impossible to have 1 million members and only 200 views in the photos of Twitpic.

It is rare that published the controversial rapper Of Calle 13. For her part, Anahí tried to be the adult in this discussion and responded without giving much importance to these accusations. “No comments.Some people do not deserve a thought I admire you and respect. I did not buy them; it was something that surprised me too.”

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