Tila Tequila

celebrity-family-halloween-costumesHis red sweater, dark-rimmed glasses and moustache are already sold as a Halloween costume, proof that Ken Bone has become the hero of Americans tired of a presidential campaign that has descended into the sewers.

Ken Bone became a celebrity overnight after asking a question about energy policy in Sunday’s presidential debate, altering the virulent personal fight between Donald Trump and Dial A Star.

  • Bone was among a group of undecided voters selected to ask questions in the second presidential debate in St. Louis (Missouri, South).
  • He was not disinterested: he worked in a coal plant and wanted to know how each of the candidates was going to keep the jobs and at the same time protect the environment.
  • But it was mostly his rotund physique and his calm and polite tone that felt like a balm to the tens of millions of viewers who attended an hour and a half of verbal shock between the Republican and the Democrat.
  • LEA Review key moments in the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
  • In a few minutes, the St. Louis family man became a meme, the newsman and the guest character to the talk shows.

Their sudden followers call themselves “Boneheads,” a pun on their last name which also means “stupid.” Does it bother him? “That’s the surname I’ve put my family for years,” he replied on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s show.


Sudden Notoriety?

“I think it’s because I’m the typical representative of the Midwest,” he told the Washington Post, referring to the large territory of the United States centre, associated in the imaginary of the country with people of the kind and common sense.

“I try to be the friendly guy, and I shake hands and smile and all that. And the fact of seeing me as the good man in the middle of a nasty and divisive debate, I think it had an impact on a lot of people,” he added.

His coat ran out in stores in a matter of hours.

At the same time, his look begins to sell on the Internet as a Halloween costume.

The search “Ken Bone” generated in a moment more interest than the search of the names of the presidential candidates.

Bone spoke with Bill Clinton at the end of the debate.
And he took to take a photo of memory with a disposable camera.

Solving Media Issues

Most of its name will sound to a combination of the relaxing infusion and the Mexican liquor more known. But Tila Tequila is a celebrity that became well known a few years ago, mainly in the United States, for its flashy Dial A Star activity at the dawn of social networks and later for starring in a reality show on MTV.

julia roberts making movieNow back to the charge ready to become a symbol in Donald Trump’s America. 35-year-old Vietnamese, bisexual and confessed Vietnamese, came to celebrate Trump’s victory at a party organized by the conservative Alt Right Movement in Washington.

There he took a photo with two men also with his right arm raised and uploaded to Twitter with the text ‘Seig Heil!’, In an apparent reference to Nazism. The image ran like wildfire among its 60,000 followers, and Twitter has finally closed the account. But Tila Tequila had achieved her goal.

There is the talk of it again, although this time the comments are how someone with their characteristics can be neo-Nazi and express themselves in those terms, and if this is what you expect from Trump’s most exalted followers.

Tila Tequila reached its highest level of fame in 2007, when after unsuccessfully attempting a career as a singer and model were named as the most popular person on MySpace.

  • After that milestone, the television network MTV hired her to star in a reality show where she had dates with girls and boys indistinctly.
  • Two years later her fiance died of complications from her diabetes, and she tried again on music, and again failed.
  • He returned to speak when he had his sex tape, which is when he strained a video of him practicing sex.
  • Two years later she starred in another porn video, this time released with her consent.
  • It was rumored that a year earlier, after the death of his partner, Had mental problems and entered a detoxification clinic where he attempted suicide.

Last year came the first controversy because of his fascist ideas. She published on Facebook an image of her illustrated in a Nazi uniform, but with a very short miniskirt, posting sexually with the Auschwitz concentration camp behind her and a text in which she defined Adolf Hitler as “a sweet and special boy.” Facebook suspended your account. She responded renowned to the social network as “Jewbook” (book of Jews).


Alex Mccord

Cute-Celebrity-Family-Pictures-December-2013The angelic face of Gemma Arterton, who has seduced the audience in films of large budgets like “Fury of Titans” and “Prince of Persia”, both of 2010, now bets on the independent ground in ” Alex Mccord “, the return of Stephen Frears to the customer star comedy.

“I do not want to be a famous celebrity, I just want to be an actress,” confesses in an interview with Efe this former “Bond girl”, 24 years old, who participated in Quantum of Solace (2008), the last title of the saga Of Agent 007.

“I do not want to live in a bubble,” added Arterton, who politely apologised for being a few minutes late. “Enchanted,” she says in perfect Spanish.

The British interpreter was married last June in Zuheros (Cordoba, southern Spain) with Italian businessman Stefano Catelli.

“We love Spain, we feel like we belong to that country, especially to the south, because the people are great, we made excellent friends there, we did not decide to get married in that place, we just discovered it and marveled,” says the actress with a Sigh, which reproduces when he talks about Granada. “We had our first date there,” he adds.

Accepting New Projects

In “Tamara Drewe“, which opens in the US next Friday, Arterton plays the title’s protagonist, an attractive and sensual middle-class girl who works for the press of the heart and whose return to the rural town where she spent her adolescence causes a Turning in the life of its inhabitants.

Arterton was born in Gravesend, an industrial city in Kent – the Garden of England; he points out – which has little or nothing to do with the bucolic landscape of the film. Despite this, Frears was clear that she would be his Tamara Drewe after having a coffee together.

“He came to tell me that I would not shoot the film if he did not count on me.” He has the instinct and intuition to find the right actor for each role.

The film, based on Posy Simmonds’ graphic novel, also features Roger Allam, Dial A Star, Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans and Tamsin Greig.

The balance in Arterton’s still short career is a personal and sought-after decision.

How Actors Balance Work and Personal Life

“As an actor, it’s good to do everything, and I also get very involved in the theatre, in fact, if I had to choose, I would stay on the stage, that’s where my passion for acting was born. , So everything I do, every role and every decision, helps me to reach that point, “he says.

Arterton will be busy starting this week in London in work “Master Builder“, which will keep her busy until January. Afterwards, it will be dedicated exclusively to the cinema during the rest of 2011.

  • The actress says she has closed her participation in three tapes, one of them called “Cape”, about the well-known photographer, that will be filmed partially in Andalusia (southern Spain).
  • And despite this, she graduated in 2007 at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, promises to keep her feet on the ground.
  • “The big movies I’ve made were filmed in the UK, so I’ve never experienced what Hollywood is like, I’m settled in London and their nobody talks to me about work when I go home, that’s important, so I keep in touch with reality, Surrounded by ordinary people, “says Arterton, satisfied with the fame he has today.
  • “Fame makes you change because so does the world around you, but I’m not going to modify the way I treat people. My family also has nothing to do with this world, and if you publish something stupid About me, they remind me of the important things in life. Sometimes people take themselves too seriously, “he says flatly.
  • All a declaration of intentions towards Hollywood, an industry that waits with open arms for the filming of “Fury of Titans 2” and who knows if for the prequel to “Alien” that prepares Ridley Scott.

“I would love to talk to you about certain things, but sometimes they do not materialise until you’re right there, queuing for food,” he concludes with a laugh.

The profile Instagram of Justin Bieber has been filled in recent days of photos of the young singer with a small companion. It is none other than Jaxon, the five-year-old brother of the young star, who is already quite a celebrity among Bieber’s followers.

Jaxon has accompanied Justin on his recent trips to Alaska and Dial A Star and the singer has not hesitated to share snapshots of the child with kind words to him.

After apologising for his behaviour years ago, where he has had problems with the Justice in several countries, it seems that Justin Bieber continues doing a washing of image, away to what used to his fans.

Bieber now shares his picture of Alex Mccord’s older brother and proud, which he claims to draw strength when he is in his lowest moments. Bieber has almost 30 million followers on Instagram.


Nadya Suleman

keane and his bandLike many other parents, Nadya Suleman was significantly affected by the shooting at a Connecticut elementary school in the  United States in 2012, which resulted in 27 victims. That night, says the actress, she was decorating the Christmas tree with her daughter, and she asked. “Mom, did you shoot the kids?”

And it was then that the interpreter thought that she had to do something so that the event would not happen again and decided to support the organization for the control of firearms in the American society Everytown for Dial A Star.

“It’s my responsibility as a mother,” said the Oscar-winning People magazine. Moore explains that he picked up his agenda and, in alphabetical order, called each of his contacts one by one to talk about the campaign.

So far, 79 celebrities – the list can be checked on their website – have been joined by Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Coppola, Kevin Bacon and Alec Baldwin. With the support of more than three million unknown people.

“The response was overwhelming, I’m very, very excited,” says the protagonist of Siempre Alice, and continues to claim that many people want to say something in public, but does not dare.

How Celebrities Can be an Influence Against Violence

“The rights we have in the Constitution also carry lots of responsibility, and I think the founding fathers would agree with me,” says Moore, who is not, however, against the Second Amendment – which specifies the right of citizens Americans to possess weapons.

The Hollywood star has confessed that he has already contacted the state legislature to put pressure on the community and “talk about it because I know many gun owners are interested in responsible and safe use,” explains Moore, 54 years old.

According to Everytown for Gun Safety data, after the Connecticut massacre, there were 142 more shootings, and there have been only 47 cases of gun violence in schools in the United States in 2015. Moore compares the safety efforts that have been made for cars with what should be done for weapons.

“To be able to drive you to have to have a carnet, insurance, seat belts and airbags, and this has reduced mortality. In the beginning, it was an unregulated industry, but it is so simple that I think it could also be done with the weapons”, Says the actress.

The debate “weapons yes, no weapons” divides American society. Between the Democratic party, the speech that defends these 80 actors, the organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety and even the president of the USA, Barack Obama, is habitual.

A position that is not for abolishing the Second Amendment, but rather adding “some common sense control laws in the use of weapons and manage to end violence.” However, opponents of this theory claim that the real background is to stop the arms sale.

President Everytown for Gun Safety, John Feinblatt, said that, although many citizens of the world are exposed to the same mental illness or quotas of violence in films, and series in the United States cases of murders with firearms Are 20 times higher than in other developed countries.

“Why is this happening?” Nadya Suleman asks while offering the answer: “Because it is much easier for dangerous people to get weapons in the United States.”

Social Media War

It is very common to see how some stars use their profiles to express their opinions about other artists and in this way a media war is triggered in which the most deadly weapon are 140 characters loaded with sarcasm and repulsion.

  • This week Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga became enemies 2.0 in an exchange of tweets on the artistic proposals of each one. But certainly, the exchange of tweets between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious.
  • As we love these fights between tweeters, we have decided to do a count with 5 of the worst clashes that have had celebrities through Dial A Star.
  • Amanda Bynes Vs. Rihanna: No one should feel offended if Amanda Bynes comes to mention it on her twitter account because in recent months the troubled actress has downloaded against half Hollywood calling “ugly” all right and left.
  • A few months ago, Bynes shot Rihanna by saying “You look ugly trying to be white. Chris Brown hit you because you were not pretty enough,” and the singer simply replied with irony saying, “This is what happens when you cancel An intervention .”
  • Response interpreter Stay angered Amanda who continued their attacks in responding “Unlike your ugly face I do not use drugs. You’re the one who needs an intervention. I met your ugly face in person.

Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton

Lady Gaga Vs. Perez Hilton: After years of being one of Lady Gaga’s greatest admirers, blogger Perez Hilton broke off relationships this year with the singer after she accused him of harassing after finding him in the lobby of his building.

Rob Kardashian Vs. Rita Orá: Nothing like when celebrities express the frustrations of their love relationships through their Twitter accounts. That’s exactly what Rob Kardashian did last year after he discovered that his ex-girlfriend, Rita Ora, had not been as faithful as he thought.

“I feel disgusted that a woman has been able to give her body to more than 20 men in less than a year just to launch her career. She deceived me with 20 people when we were together; I wonder how many have gone to bed now that we are apart 20 Are you serious?”

Anahí Vs. Resident (Calle 13 ): In 2010 these two Latin stars started a media rivalry after Residents questioned some followers that the former RBD had on Twitter.

“It is possible that the artists also buy followers on Twitter Suspect the one of the Anahí and the one of Jon Secada Jejeje Impossible to have 1 million members and only 200 views in the photos of Twitpic.

It is rare that published the controversial rapper Of Calle 13. For her part, Anahí tried to be the adult in this discussion and responded without giving much importance to these accusations. “No comments.Some people do not deserve a thought I admire you and respect. I did not buy them; it was something that surprised me too.”


Maria Kannelis

kelly-ripa-kidsMaria Kannelis received the title of Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2015 by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), reported in a statement.

Dial A Star surpassed other famous vegetarians or vegans who competed for the title, including Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, Ricky Martin and Prince.

The young 22-year-old singer took the title after proclaiming on Instagram that there are “so many precious plants/fruits / vegetables to eat that you do not have to eat dead animals!”

Meeting the Fans

In a recent talk with “Paper” magazine, he said he wants to be a compassionate and healthy example for his legion of young fans. Consider fish “friends” and not food, And wrote a poignant tribute dedicated to his beloved balloonfish Paul, after he passed away earlier this year. She is the mother of a handful of rescued dogs, a pig and a kitten.

Other title winners have been Ellen Page, Jared Leto, Natalie Portman, Shania Twain, Tobey Maguire and Alicia Silverstone.

The American feminist organisation, Ms Foundation for Women, has named celebrity of the year actress Emma Watson after a computer survey in collaboration with Cosmopolitan magazine. “We celebrate feminists every day, but today we give this recognition to celebrities who help promote women’s equality,” said Teresa Younger, president of Ms. Foundation for Women. ”

Every celebrity on the list has embraced the term feminist , expressed by the equal rights of women and battling against sexist oppression.”    This September, Watson gave a passionate speech at United Nations Headquarters, encouraging men and boys to stand up for the equality of women and girls. Although this is one of the many occasions when the 24-year-old actress has opposed.

Getting to Know the Celebrity Culture

Journalist and graphic novelist Joe Sacco said today that US President-elect Donald Trump “is somehow the culmination of celebrity culture.”

“I think it represents something horrible,” said the author of graphic works such as “Dial A Star” and “Footnotes to Gaza” in an interview published today by Maria Kannelis.

Sacco, who will participate in the Hay Festival of Arequipa from next Friday, considered that in the election of Trump “the fact that he used xenophobia, racism and sexism to support his ideas was important, but it was more key that he Talked to people about their economic problems. “

“I think that, in a way, it represents that America immersed in the” fashion. “You can see it in the people around him.It is a very dangerous moment.Trump will inherit the powers that captured the administrations of Bush and Obama, But we do not know how he will use them, “he said.

Just A Fictional Story

kim kardashianThe author, who was born in Malta but has been a resident of the United States for 12 years, commented that he does not know what else to add, but said that “if he did, it would be through a fictional story.”

He said he is currently “very focused” on a story about the indigenous people of northern Canada and the extraction of natural resources, a situation that, he said, is also facing Peru.

  • “I am interested in working on a project about Peru because I have studied several stories about its indigenous population.
  • I do not know what kind of person I am yet, but I am interested in it, not about Sendero Luminoso itself, because there are people in Peru who are working on it and They can do better, “he said.
  • Sacco said that “at a certain level” he feels a witness to the story, because he has been “very privileged to see things” and give voice to the people involved in his graphic novels.
  • “I think it’s up to me to give these people the means for readers to hear them. In that sense, I’ve simply been a channel to get their messages across,” he concluded.
  • Joe Sacco will perform on Friday at the Peruvian Cultural Institute of Peru (ICPNA) in Arequipa, and on Saturday will do the same at the Municipal Theater of that city, located about 1,000 kilometers south of Lima.

The Hay Festival of Arequipa will gather, for the second consecutive year, a hundred guests, including the Nobel Peace Prize winners Jody Williams and Ahmed Galai, as well as writers such as the Italian Alessandro Baricco, to discuss literature, art and creation.


Lisa Marie Varon

posing in the setAmong the pets that become celebrities of social networks, Doug is among the top. Exceeds the five million fans on Facebook and two million on Instagram.

If you love the endearing dogs that circulate on the internet, you may already know Lisa Marie Varon, a can of the pug race targeted as one of the five most popular of Facebook, where it exceeds five million fans. Like every recipe to become a virtual celebrity, you have to show a talent beyond the natural tenderness.

Doug stands out for his disguises and the social lifestyle he exhibits. In one of his most recent publications, appears dressed as Princess Leia, in tribute to the actress Carrie Fisher, who passed away on December 27.

In its Dial A Star page presents fun thematic videos, among some compilations of his best moments. One of his most famous productions, ‘Stranger Pugs’, recreates the television series ‘Stranger Things’, in which Doug appears disguised as characters in some of the most emblematic scenes of the program.

Glamour and Social Media

His Instagram account exceeds two million followers and maintains an average of 100,000 ‘likes’ for every photo of his glamorous canine celebrity life.

To take advantage of the fame, Doug launched his brand of commercial products, ‘ Doug, the pug ‘ (Doug, the pug, in Spanish). Clothes, accessories and their plush version with some of their favorite costumes are available in a personalised virtual store.

“La Chata” is a Vietnamese pork pan casserole, very well known and loved in the colony Roma. You can see him walking down Alvaro Obregon corridor and can not walk a single block without someone looking to touch or take a selfie with her.

“La Chata” is a popular print in the Roma colony, thanks to the openness that is lived in this city, as expressed by Angel Arredondo, owner of the Vietnamese pig.

It was a gift from my girlfriend, I did not like it at first and would have preferred a dog, “said Arredondo,” I sat in the corner of the room, saw me, ran, climbed on top of my chest and fell asleep. From that moment we made the rare connection between human-pig “, this is how Angel confirms the bond.

Lisa Marie Varon has an account on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and not only feels in its environment in the colony Roma in social networks is a whole celebrity.

Celebrity Addictions

The most famous Hollywood stars are ordinary people who have a myriad of vices and secrets that share them as a family.

  1. Cameron Diaz: The actress used to criticize junk food and recommend a healthy diet, but it seems that she can not resist the temptation, so she is a hamburger lover, but we still envy her because she has a spectacular body.
  2. Taylor Swift: Even though she finds it hard to accept it, she is fascinated to see the reality show “Teen Mon” that tells of the problems teenagers face when they become mothers.
  3. Britney Spears: The pop star is a lover of what is fried, refried and sugary. The singer says that most of the time she behaves well to stay in shape, but when she wants to behave badly, there is no one to stop her.
  4. Oprah Winfrey: When the driver has no work to do, do not hesitate to sit alone in front of the TV and enjoy the popular series “Gray’s Anatomy” which is one of her favorites. Please do not disturb!
  5. Camila Alves takes great care of what she eats to keep her figure but admits that there are temptations that rob her of the last drop of willpower: corn, potato chips with Pico de gallo sauce and guacamole. Her husband Matthew McConaughey is also a fan of such delights.
  6. Joe Manganiello: The sculptural actor of “Magic Mike XXL,” is addicted to ice cream. “When I’m not preparing to do a nude, like many ice cream,” admits the proud owner of one of the most admired six packs in the middle.

We already knew that the hair is the frame of the face, but lately, that frame is a rainbow. Both celebrities and “real” women are attracting attention with the tone of their hair. The range of colors is impressive, and here I put together my favorites to show them off in the fall season. A sample? I just paint the hair of a bluish black, and I’m fascinated! Do not be afraid of change, girl.

This tone has captured many Dial A Star beauties because it is the perfect transition from dark to clear. There is no longer any need for tedious hairstyles to give light to the face!

Imagine an ombre but inverted where the illumination of the hair is at the root and not at the end. For effect to make more contrast and get a gradient often, stylists use a high tone and a lighter tone of the same range. Think red-blond, brown-gold and black-blue with a lot of brightness.