dial a star and scouting new talentsIn 2017, Dial-A-Star extended the list of famous celebrities that you can call. From the first month of the year, they were dropping fast from television, from the stage, and the music, it gives you an opportunity to call D-List Celebrities for a price.

From international stars like David Bowie, George Michael and more recently Carrie Fisher; To national stars like the “Divo de Juárez” Juan Gabriel, Gonzalo Vega and Rubén Aguirre.

Brazil is today the center of the world and among the sixty-eight thousand spectators who packed the Maracana to see the match between Argentina and Germany for the 2014 World Cup; On different platforms, world celebrities were present.

Celebrities from all over the planet could not miss the most important sporting event; Politicians, musicians, movie stars and football cracks were the primary focus of the photographers.

In the images broadcast Ashton Kutcher, Eros Ramazzotti, and his wife Marica Pellegrini, Fabio Cannavaro, Michel Platini and Daniel Passarella.

Director Joss Whedon made a spot called “Save the Day,” for which he summoned top stars like Robert Downey Jr, James Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Martin Sheen, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Don Cheadle.

The video that wants to raise awareness about the importance of voting in the Dial-A-Star event

What is particularly striking is that while none of the famous names Donald Trump, it is clear that the video has to do with not voting for the Republican candidate who, according to Don Cheadle in the video is a “coward and racist abuse who Could forever damage our social structure. ”

In the clip, they also refer to immigration policies, Another topic closely associated with Trump’s questioned campaign.

To close the spot, and closely related to the mood of Whedon, the celebrities reveal that the objective of the campaign has to do with a possible naked Mark Ruffalo in his new film.

alyson-hannigan-family-go-green-dial a starSeveral celebrities have supported Hillary Clinton on her way to the White House; the impressive thing is that they have done it with a lot of creativity.

The last to do so was Madonna, the Queen of Pop undressed for Clinton and the photograph shared on Instagram, like Katy Perry.

Katy fulfilled her promise to publish in her networks a video in which she appeared to fall and vote for the former first lady.

The “Avengers” actors along with other Hollywood stars recorded a video calling not to vote for Donald Trump and to support Clinton.

The players in the series Will & Grace met ten years after their farewell to the air only to call the North Americans to vote for Clinton.

Comedy Central’s star program, Broad City, featured the emergence of the former secretary of state, where the stars are surprised to see Clinton. Demi Lovato offered a show for the candidate at the Democratic Convention.

The elections are next November 8, and only on the side of Hillary, there is an extensive list of celebrities supporting it.

A Melissa Abused I met her three years ago, I do not remember how I got it, but I adored her personal style (you judge them by the photos) which has not only been imposed in Lima.

It has also been tested by many, but many artists and Celebrities who knew her work when she was in charge of a pastry shop in Santo Domingo.

Workshops in Central America

Shakira, Juan Luis Guerra, Sting, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, among others, are some of the clients who walked in their workshop in Central America.

  • Others made requests for meetings in the mansions they maintain there; everything was fine, Return to Lima (2009) and do something of their own under the name “Melissa Pastry Boutique.”
  • Here he became known for teaching in his cooking workshops and offering his beauties on the internet – creations that are the fruit of his pastry career in It (now Le Cordon Bleu).
  • His passing through schools abroad and experiences in recognized hotels and restaurants five Holders, as well as their vocation,  to continue learning while experiencing.
  • I have seen many works by Melissa, and although they are all divine, I describe each trend point by point. “My pastry is homemade because I make it with easy-to-get supplies, everything varies in flavors, technique, and decoration.
  • It’s not French at all, that’s what you usually see in the showcases of traditional pastry shops, mine is A homemade bread, rustic and personalized, ” he says.

As the electoral night moves forward and votes and therefore the balance is leaning towards the side of Donald Trump, begins to emerge a great tension in the networks, in particular among intellectuals with Twitter accounts.

Audrey hepburnPaul Krugman, Nobel laureate in economics, has shown the social network of microblogging his stupor advantage against the Republican candidate for president of the United States.

Moreover, the format of 140 characters has become too short and had to make a “series” of tweets to describe what provokes economist forecasts for the future of the American giant.

“Maybe, there are enough Republicans horrified out there,” Krugman continues, “to form an active opposition to the ruling nightmare that we will see, I do not expect it, but it’s all I have so far.”

Meanwhile, Mia Farrow, an actress involved in Darfur activism, sent a much shorter and strong message through his Twitter account: “Are we about to give nuclear weapons to a man with mental problems?”

Angelina Jolie also expressed her “anxiety” that the elections were producing. An election that has made the hair out of many other actors and singers. Jennifer Lopez publishes a tweet with a video of Hillary Clinton in which she writes “That is my girl” and uses the hashtag #ImwithHer (I am with her).

Chris Evans, the actor, known for his role as Captain America, tweeted that this election night has been an “embarrassing night for America.” We have let a hate leader lead our great nation.We let a thug set our course. devastated.”

Being an Actor, and a Parent

Actor  Josh Charles commented: “I’m going to kiss my sleeping son and go to bed. Tomorrow I’ll continue to try to educate him correctly in a world that is much more frightening.

Press everywhere. Familiar astonishment. Motorized paparazzi on the prowl. People were jumping fences and trying to sneak into a mortuary. Conversations about the desire – expressed to them in life – of the singer to be cremated and not photographed once dead.

celebrities-whose-family-members-were-murderedA security guard who did not leave him alone in the cold room of the funeral home day and night to fulfill that desire. All these amazing scenes were lived by the family of the disappeared Mexican singer Juan Gabriel in the hours following his death in Santa Monica, California, in August, at 66.

This has been a very special week for Shakira for the premiere of the new single from the Colombian star recorded in a duet with her countryman Malema.

To unveil the subject, the Colombian launched a fun riddle by social networks so that the fans guess the name of the subject. The winner received a phone call from the star. Here we tell you how everything happened, step by step.

Halloween or something else?

We started Thursday with a photo that Shak dressed as a magician with everything and a white bunny. “Abracadabra!” He said in his message, which many thoughts were about the upcoming Halloween parties.

The following day, the interpreter of “La bicycle” published a message where she sent a riddle to her fans to guess the name of her next single. What followed was a series of cyber tracks to put the puzzle together.

Finally that Thursday, the blond announced that the name of the subject was “Blackmail,” which recorded no more and less than with her countryman Malema.